Namma Mitra Launches E-Shala

Bengaluru, 19th July 2016 –

Namma Mitra Foundation, Founded by Dr Seemma Saadikha, works on a wide range of projects connecting with numerous rural communities. The main focus lies in the area of Health care, Education, Self-sustenance and environment.

Namma Mitra Foundation has been working towards setting up medical camps in remote villages across Karnataka region.

Cell Phone repair training camp was conducted to impart hands on practical experience. All infrastructures like study materials, kits and other equipments were provided for free to start their own business.


Planting of saplings etc are a regular feature and small children are being encouraged to plant them and take care of it.

Namma Mitra Foundation installed the solar grid in Banadur village which powered street lights and 70 houses with sufficient electricity for lighting and charging. The children will now have the luxury of studies after sunset, while the residents have better visibility.

E-Shala – With the Introduction of E-Shala (E-Learning Program), students now have a chance at higher and quality education as compared to prevailing system, which currently is limited to standard 5. E-Shala facility was introduced with all content in Kannada and English, which makes it easier for the children to learn and understand all subjects from class 5 to class 10. The e-learning facility will not only help the children in Banadur, but also facilitate similar surrounding village students and dropouts an opportunity to continue their studies.


Dr Seemma was awarded ‘Roshnii Young Achievers Award’ in the field of “Non Governmental Organisation” in May this year.


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